Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Playing with a new photo app and this WIP while waiting for some work to process. Taking it easy while my back heals up. Doctor's orders. I'm hoping to make some progress on this Amy Pond scarf for the shop. Got bored working on the Pond scarf all day, so I finally cast on my Loki socks. Pond scarf progress. Sock progress! Made a little business card wallet thing. First chance I had to use my clearance sale rainbow thread. :D Cast on a simple sock in a self striping yarn to be my Event Sock this season. These are the socks that will come with me on long car rides and fairs. Patons Kroy Socks in Rusty Stripe. Made some progress on my event sock yesterday at the NY Renaissance Faire. Read more about my trip at! I think today's book weeding will leave me with 1.5 empty shelves! AMAZING. I ran out of this particular yarn that isn't carried by my local stores any more, so I turned this Amy Pond scarf into a cowl for the shop. Which resulted in some creative blocking. Finished one funky looking Loki sock! Working on Loki sock #2. Toe-up socks still feel a little weird to me. Progress on my Event socks. My mom bought me a present! Thinking about making another quilt and I like these 4 patterns from The Weekend Quilter. Which one do you think I should do first?


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